Nov 25, 2013

Button Button Who's Got The Buttons?

I've got buttons! Metal buttons, MOP buttons, bone buttons, glass buttons, rhinestone buttons, coat buttons, you name it and they are all Vintage Buttons.
I inherited my Mother's huge tin full of them and they have been collected for decades. Being a good German, Mom saved all sewing notions from worn out and out grown clothes. I even found a Victorian Shoe Buttoner at the bottom of the tin.

Making Crazy Quilts is a great way to display and use them once again. I found it to time consuming digging through all of them and decided to get them organized... somehow.

i dumped out small piles of them (so I wouldn't get overwhelmed) and started sorting by color. I just beaded them up on heavy string and tied the grouping together with a slip knot.

Now all I have to do is select the colorway I wish to work with! What a time saver this has become.

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