Nov 23, 2013

"Dudley" The Goldwork Beetle

Dudley was my first experience with Goldwork and Stumpwork Embroidery.
I took an on-line class with Arlene White that was offered at
Since I had been in the quilting world for so long, I realized this would be a whole new challenge for me and I was ready. 

The class opened up a whole new world of techniques in hand work, and the supplies, well who doesn't love gold and bling? It took me twice the time as others, but who cared? Fear of the unknown was not going to get me nor was the "goldwork police" - (you know, the whisperers who tell you no you can't, you shouldn't, it'll never work... those goldwork police ha!) 

I drove my husband and son into my crazed world. Thank heavens they survived the journey with me :) What a trip - BUT I learned so much with each stitch may it have been a new stitch or a take out and retry again stitch! 

Yes, I'm very happy with Dudley... parfoos and all! I will make more of his kind as I am so enthralled with Goldwork and Stumpwork Embroidery!

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  1. Dudley is marvelous! I took that class from Arlene and really enjoyed it. Have not done a beetle since...but now you make me want to do a gold one! Mine was white...