Nov 25, 2013

Encrusted Crazy Quilting Week 2

Here is the finished 12" pieced block. At this point I'm not real sure I have enough contrast going, but plan on embellishing it with that in mind.

I did some layering here. Under the black lace is a fine gold lace. On top portion of these laces I added a red/gold ribbon.

Now I have added the white lace, gold ric rac, metallic blue trim and more black trims.

See how different it looks with the trims selected. They still hold my eyes attention, but now I really have long straight seams :(
The effect that I am looking for is the eye to be drawn to the main butterfly motif, and then in a circular movement around it. Time to get even more creative!

This embellishment was made with some lace, pearls and a cute little happy bug face button...

See how it helps catch your eye and the other components are moving around now, too. Note the trail of pearls and silk flowers in the lower right column are also helping to curve things.

 The chevron stitch was used over the red/gold ribbon trim which toned down the brightness.

I've learned a lot about adding trims and why to do and NOT- Since this crazy quilt block will be mounted in a picture frame, I don't have to worry about washing it or everyday wear and tear. I have used commercial sticky back trim which looks so pretty, but try to get a needle threw it even if your unhooped.... forget it! You have to get the pliers out for help pulling your thread through the fabric and trim. Due to this technique I will not be doing allot of fancy embroidery stitches throughout :(

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