Feb 26, 2014

CQJP2014 Anything Grows Jan Block

I've started my Crazy Quilt Journal Project for 2014. The challenge is to challenge yourself. To improve and expand your artistic and technical skills.
It requires 12 CQ blocks one for each month of 2014 that will be put together in a quilt. The blocks can be any size from six inches square and up. You also have the freedom to use any fabric, threads, beads and embellishments that you desire. The bottom line is do as you will and then some lol!

The main theme for the finished quilt will be "Anything Grows". I am giving myself the freedom to choose the colors and mood/theme for each block independently.

My first choice was to work with lace and more fancy fabrics. I've worked with cotton for so long, it was time for a change. I never realized I was a lacey kinda gal till I had gotten some beautiful laces from other artists esty shops. And, of course, if you love lace how can you keep your fingers off of the pearl beads! Color wasn't a problem either. A piece of wine velvet got a hold of me and away we went!
Block mounted in a Grip-n-Stitch Frame

Now for a theme for the block... that's easy, too! For me, life begins after coffee. It's that magical time first thing in the morning to wake up with and set your day.
I found this lovely lace motif from Judith at her etsy shop The Queen's Flamingo. It so expresses the lovely coffee times with my Hubby. Thank you Judith!
Why the mouse you ask... his name is Anthony. I had left a cup of espresso on the glass table on our outside deck one morning, and when I came back the sweet little field mouse was "sipping his morning coffee!" I didn't have the heart to disturb him... those sweet little ears and big bright eyes!
After that he came back often to check for treats that I had left him.

The seam treatments were different lace trims and beads that I have and I cut different velvet's with a wavy cutter to make ric rac. Another challenge for me because I never really cared for the look and the velvet made it so much easier!

The striped fabric puts me in mind of Victorian Wallpaper so I hung a cuckoo clock there for Coffee O'Clock time. Again I added a ric rac with sparkle to it, I liked the look.

As I worked this block I kept my eye on the teal velvet area. Depending on the light and angle of the piece, it would change. First I would see a flowing  pattern, then it would change to look like small clusters of flowers. I decided to keep it clear of any further treatment and allow it to show just it's own magic.

This was my first time working with velvet, satin, and tapestry. I first applied a stabilizer to each piece that I thought needed it in hopes of better control and to cut down on fraying of edges. It didn't change the hand, it remained soft. The seams were a different matter, of course. I trimmed down the seam allowance as best I could, but still bearing in mind of them fraying later.

To help the visual confusion of seam lines and borders, I used a "window" to place over the large block so that only the finished sized block would show.

I added a few splashes of flowers and beads. They were added with texture in mind and to keep the eyes moving around the block looking for more things to see. For some reason this block did not want alot of embellishment past the lacey trims that I had already done. Maybe because I see it as a morning block, waking up to a fresh new palette in which to create my new day!

So here we are with it finished (for now).

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  1. I love the way it all comes together! You are a true artist! Makes me wish I was a quilter! Lovely work!