Nov 25, 2013

Encrusted Crazy Quilting Week 3

Back at week 2 we were looking at the finished pieced 12" block, with the addition of lace embellishments. Now at week 3 I continue by adding more trims, beads and buttons. Additional seam treatment with embroidery stitches have also been included.

  added gem beads, star sequins, more beads..

whipped back stitch in red & white
 Spidey on spider web with beads & button cluster
 silk flowers with bead center
daffodil flowers
completed corner with silk flower spray

Almost finished 12" block. Added piping and black
borders. this just needs to be mounted in a shadow
box and hung on display. It really is square but my
camera angle makes it look wonky :)

This block is more a mixed-media crazy quilt block. The class was teaching you how to do the flip-n-sew technique for building the block itself and embellishing it with what ever we wanted with our own design in mind. Like I said in the begining I learned allot from the class of what to do and what not. I'm happy with it and it is unique - OOAK Crazy Quilt Block.

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