Nov 25, 2013

Sumptuous Surface Embroidery From the Heart Project 1

My next in devour, plunging into the "needlework unknown" was with Sharon b from Pintangle. I so love her work and style and her ease of being a teacher. I knew it would be another challenge worth embarking.

Here is an excerpt about the class:
Sumptuous surfaces explores the wonders of highly textured freeform contemporary hand embroidery while also developing design skills. Students are guided through the process of developing their own design,  as well as being introduced to techniques used in freeform textured hand embroidery.

 Our first project was to be done in monotone, thus teaching ourselves how to apply texture as to color for contrast.
This is my design, but simplified

This is my main design

Lower left corner - see the little watch works? Love 'em!

Lower right corner

Side angle

Lower left corner

Close upper right


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