Nov 26, 2013

Needle Lace join for Hairpin Lace Tutorial

This video shows a demonstration of the needle lace join used for the Klimt pattern published by Stitch Diva Studios. Adapted from  Romanian Point Lace, it is worked with a tapestry needle. The stitches are as light and airy as the loops of the hairpin strip, and pair particularly well with hairpin since these kinds of joins appear to be extensions of the loops themselves.

Felted Cobweb Scarf Tutorial

I haven't had a chance to try this yet, but it's on my list of things to do - how about you?  :)

Nov 25, 2013

Sumptuous Surface Embroidery From the Heart Project 1

My next in devour, plunging into the "needlework unknown" was with Sharon b from Pintangle. I so love her work and style and her ease of being a teacher. I knew it would be another challenge worth embarking.

Here is an excerpt about the class:
Sumptuous surfaces explores the wonders of highly textured freeform contemporary hand embroidery while also developing design skills. Students are guided through the process of developing their own design,  as well as being introduced to techniques used in freeform textured hand embroidery.

 Our first project was to be done in monotone, thus teaching ourselves how to apply texture as to color for contrast.
This is my design, but simplified

This is my main design

Lower left corner - see the little watch works? Love 'em!

Lower right corner

Side angle

Lower left corner

Close upper right


Encrusted Crazy Quilting Week 3

Back at week 2 we were looking at the finished pieced 12" block, with the addition of lace embellishments. Now at week 3 I continue by adding more trims, beads and buttons. Additional seam treatment with embroidery stitches have also been included.

  added gem beads, star sequins, more beads..

whipped back stitch in red & white
 Spidey on spider web with beads & button cluster
 silk flowers with bead center
daffodil flowers
completed corner with silk flower spray

Almost finished 12" block. Added piping and black
borders. this just needs to be mounted in a shadow
box and hung on display. It really is square but my
camera angle makes it look wonky :)

This block is more a mixed-media crazy quilt block. The class was teaching you how to do the flip-n-sew technique for building the block itself and embellishing it with what ever we wanted with our own design in mind. Like I said in the begining I learned allot from the class of what to do and what not. I'm happy with it and it is unique - OOAK Crazy Quilt Block.

Treasure Box

As the old saying goes "one man's junk, another man's treasure" and here is a fine example!
This lovely treasure box was found in the trash and was quickly claimed and adored... by me! It's a beautifully crafted piece with loads of fabric lined compartments. A true Shabby Chic Delight!

 gemstone beads & chips
 crystal beads & gemstones
 more gemstone beads & chips
beads & charms

And a large compartment on the top loaded with jewelry findings, painted buttons and more charms.

Button Button Who's Got The Buttons?

I've got buttons! Metal buttons, MOP buttons, bone buttons, glass buttons, rhinestone buttons, coat buttons, you name it and they are all Vintage Buttons.
I inherited my Mother's huge tin full of them and they have been collected for decades. Being a good German, Mom saved all sewing notions from worn out and out grown clothes. I even found a Victorian Shoe Buttoner at the bottom of the tin.

Making Crazy Quilts is a great way to display and use them once again. I found it to time consuming digging through all of them and decided to get them organized... somehow.

i dumped out small piles of them (so I wouldn't get overwhelmed) and started sorting by color. I just beaded them up on heavy string and tied the grouping together with a slip knot.

Now all I have to do is select the colorway I wish to work with! What a time saver this has become.

Victorian Crazy Quilt Christmas Stocking

While digging through my boxes of stash, and raiding my studio closet stash, I found this item along with the crocheted pot holder. It was in a box hidden behind bolts of fabric. Inside were the neck ties that I had gathered and a Victorian Christmas Crazy Quilt Stocking that I had started in '86. Memories came flooding back on working this stocking as I had so much fun with it.

 The stocking patches are all done in vintage silk ties and velvet. This was my first piece done in crazy quilting, and not bad for a beginner. Just wish I would have seen the 'big picture' and embroidered the seams before I put it together!

Vintage Treasures in my Stash

As I was digging through my closet gathering different stashes I came upon and oldie that I haven't seen in years...

I don't remember which of my aunts made this, but it's still a pretty piece!

Encrusted Crazy Quilting Week 2

Here is the finished 12" pieced block. At this point I'm not real sure I have enough contrast going, but plan on embellishing it with that in mind.

I did some layering here. Under the black lace is a fine gold lace. On top portion of these laces I added a red/gold ribbon.

Now I have added the white lace, gold ric rac, metallic blue trim and more black trims.

See how different it looks with the trims selected. They still hold my eyes attention, but now I really have long straight seams :(
The effect that I am looking for is the eye to be drawn to the main butterfly motif, and then in a circular movement around it. Time to get even more creative!

This embellishment was made with some lace, pearls and a cute little happy bug face button...

See how it helps catch your eye and the other components are moving around now, too. Note the trail of pearls and silk flowers in the lower right column are also helping to curve things.

 The chevron stitch was used over the red/gold ribbon trim which toned down the brightness.

I've learned a lot about adding trims and why to do and NOT- Since this crazy quilt block will be mounted in a picture frame, I don't have to worry about washing it or everyday wear and tear. I have used commercial sticky back trim which looks so pretty, but try to get a needle threw it even if your unhooped.... forget it! You have to get the pliers out for help pulling your thread through the fabric and trim. Due to this technique I will not be doing allot of fancy embroidery stitches throughout :(