May 1, 2017

Extra Special Necklace, In Deed

Wanted to share with you where I have been for the last 2 years - B'sue Boutiques Creative Group on Facebook making Vintage Jewelry!

This is my challenge piece for the March/April 2017 B'sue Boutiques Creative Group. The challenge requirement were to use only Old Rose Ox Copper and Gingerbread Pewter. Along with that was our color theme, Worn Turquoise, which included dark gray, dark sea green, teal, dark turquoise, med gray and sage green. As I was pulling components for this necklace I was having a hard time getting it to pull together until I remembered the teal roses that I had gotten from Paula Gaskill. Like a piece to a puzzle the roses were the perfect floral component to make it complete! All other components, chain and such where from B'sue Boutiques  or my stash. 

I learned of Paula's crossing the day after the necklace was done - talk about the collective consciousness, there you go... Thank you Paula for your beautiful roses and Bsue for all the Good Stuff !! This necklace will always be my favorite!

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